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first [4672] album


released July 5, 2011



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[4672] Oxford, UK

[evolutionarily equipped with a mechanism of self-destruction]

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Track Name: [spectrosphere]
::::::::: 01.Spectrosphere :::::::::
/*Inspired by Philip K. Dick*/

The true measure of a man
is not his intelligence
or how high he rises in
this freak establishment.
No, the true measure of a man
is this:
how quickly can he respond
to the needs of others
and how much
of himself he can give
Track Name: [dynamical_system]
::::::::: 02.Dynamical System :::::::::

Does motion exist
or disappears on thin air
when the pendulum stops
I can fill the gap between the seconds
catching the information carried by light
observation becomes an obsession
in this dynamic chaos
I lose myself
Track Name: [lateral]
::::::::: 03.Lateral :::::::::

stream of waves
and energy
flowing through my body
flowing through me
primeval synaptic noise is understandable now
the tune is changing
as I acquire the new information
I increase my senses

Track Name: [partial_differential_equations]
::::::::: 04.Partial Differential Equations :::::::::

ladder of happiness but levels are gone
A lucid dream I've could never understand fully
Track Name: [refraction]
::::::::: 05. Refraction :::::::::

I'm breaking my fingers, to suffer once more
silent voice inside my head
referring to all my concerns
through a moral logic
I live to suffer
this drives me insane
Track Name: [entropy]
::::::::: 06. Entropy :::::::::

Morality proceeds
along similar lines
I have long thought
of moral laws
as fixed points of reality
self-evident truths rooted in divine command
I measure the uncertainty-associated
with a random variable
I define events
Track Name: [half-life]
::::::::: 07. Half-Life :::::::::

A single small change
can have far-reaching
and unpredictable effects
I have to find a hallmark
of a non-linear system
Track Name: [angular_displacement]
::::::::: 08.Angular Displacement :::::::::

Combination of sequences
and commands that evaporate the common logic
what if logic can be reduced to mathematical theorems?
can it be proved correct
with an otherwise unattainable certainty?
Track Name: [452Hz]
::::::::: 09.452Hz :::::::::

Connected to consciousness, consciousness switched off
Track Name: [trans-mission]
::::::::: 10.Trans-mission :::::::::

I listen to the sound of the void
vast outer space overwhelms me
I tune my senses to the frequency
of the universe
this sickness spreads like a cancer
like guillotine it cuts my head
I no longer believe in anything
and trust anyone
I see the transmission
I am the transmission
transmissions from the stars
which broadcasts live
this is the trans-mission
Track Name: [inertia]
::::::::: 11.Inertia :::::::::

I'm scanning the region of visible light
towards longer wavelengths
of the electromagnetic spectrum
I'm looking for my higher self
so sick of this realm
if I can just tap into my subconscious
than I could open the door to my inner potential
obsession to understand everything that haunts me
data stream is ahead of me
why can not I reach it
why still here I return
I'm, dying again and again
Track Name: [the_finite_element]
::::::::: 12.The Finite Element :::::::::

I'm breathing for all
I dive deep into the common consciousness
I calculate the loss of energy
I put myself into a quantum superposition
between two separated locations
Track Name: [apnea]
::::::::: 13.Apnea :::::::::

its complete, the fourth dimension